Unlike many wives at home, some London escorts are known to entertain many kinds of fetishes regardless of how weird they may be.

However, you are just about to realise that there are some sexual fetishes that even https://charlotteaction.org or the most open minded and adventurous partners cannot help out with. Sure everyone has their curious moments and interaction with porn sites, but this is something more extreme than your preference for blondes over redheads, BBW over skinny or some foot action. What you are about to read are some of the strangest and bizarre sexual fetishes that you have seen or even heard.

Dendrophilia – the sexual attraction to trees

This is probably because of the phallic shapes of the trees. Be it as it may, dendrophilia is, simply put, the love of trees. Yes in a sexual manner. It’s rather unclear how one would go expressing their love to a tree unless there is a honey hole, but can you think of anything weirder than catching your friend showing love and affection to a sturdy oak while you are out camping? For such people, London escorts are of no use right?

Chasmophilia – fetish for valleys or caves

There are those people who liked The Descent’ and there are those who really, really liked it. Let’s not even waste our time trying to decipher how this happens. Though it is probably the reason why many have loved Batman. It is not the most common of fetishes, but if you ever find yourself dating a chasmophiliac, spelunking would work wonders for your sex lives.

Xylophilia – Sexual arousal from wood

Now, now, not that kind of wood, silly. This is a fetish where one is sexually stimulated by anything in the lines of lumber and tree stumps. Escorts in London might want to hide all wooden objects when having in call encounters.

Body inflation – inflating one’s body to sexually stimulate them

Now this is one strange fetish that escorts can help out on. Generally what happens is one puts on extremely tight clothes that have balloons underneath them. The balloons are then slowly inflated triggering sexual arousal. It is mostly done with latex suits that are double skinned.


Symorophilia – arousal from disasters

London Escorts beware. This is probably, the most dangerous of all fetishes there is. While most people’s instinct is to run and hide in the face of danger, Symorophiliacs wait to have an orgasm. Well, that’s is probably exaggerated. But it is a possibility. They are aroused by watching disaster happen such as car accidents and fires.

Climacophilia – Sexual arousal from falling down a flight of stairs

How does someone even realise they enjoy this? Well, be it as it may, these people are aroused sexually by watching other people fall down the stairs and not themselves necessarily. Quick advice for all london escorts, girlfriends and boyfriends, if you discover that your sexual partner or client (for escorts in London) are Climacophilia and they innocently’ suggest that you visit the

Vatican museum to have a look at their giant spiral staircase, run for the hills and do not look back.

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